The Importance Of God

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In Numbers 23:19 “ it says God is not human, that he should lie, not a human’ being that he should change his mind, Does he speak and then not act does he promise and not fulfill?
Today I want to encourage you all to exam your hearts and see if you are viewing God the way we personally view our earthy fathers or the way the bible says he really is.
If you feel as though God is absent from your life, then chances are that you struggle with abandonment issues from your own father. The fact that your dad wasn’t around makes you worried that God will be just as eager to leave as your own father did. Growing up my dad came in and out of my life whenever he felt like it was convenient. I had the mentality “ if I do such and such maybe my dad will stick around “ it became draining as I got older and I soon gave up. As I began my walk with Christ it led me down the road of legalism. ” I soon began to see not only did I struggle with my dads absence; I struggled with believing that my father loved me. Before Christ I never saw an importance for fathers, I didn’t realize their roles or responsibilities, I watched so many mothers play both roles I always thought, “whats the use of a father. As I got to really know my heavenly Father and hear his voice, the changes that occurred inside me, allowed me to have a connection with my earthly father that I didn’t think was possible. My first point in saying all of this is God is absolute in what he saysdespite the fact that our fathers are sometimes inconsistenc and, wishy washy fathers make us sometimes believe God isn’t absolute in his plans for us, but Gods wisdom is uncompromising. With that said, God is sympathetic to our situationWhen earthly fathers don’t listen to or understand our trails we sometimes think God is blind in how he orders our lives. But his understanding of