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The Knob Job
I sigh a breath of relief as I finally open my eyes after my procedure. “It was only a dream!” I say aloud.

Upon her arrival to her consultation with her primary care provider, Kandra had reckoned the severe pain she was experiencing was originating from somewhere anterior to her abdominal cavity. As she opens the door to a fancy, private, doctors office, a bell rings, alerting the receptionist of her presence. There is a very distinct lavender scent, bright lights, very warm colored walls, nonetheless giving off a very comforting feeling. In the background plays Michael Buble’s “Crazy Love,” a calming song, eliminating the nerves and anxiety of the patients. She picks up the Vogue magazine sitting on the table adjacent to her.
Approximately twenty minutes later, Kandra hears the soft-spoken voice of a nurse.
“Kandra Salinas?”
The nurse stands, holding the door open until Kandra finally enters the long hallway leading to the twelve examination rooms.
As Kandra sits in the chair in room eight, the petite nurse begins asking her general questions, entering the information in her medical chart.
“What is your visit for, today, Ms. Salinas?”
“Well, I’ve been having really sharp pains in my abdomin. It has been going on for quite a while but, I haven’t really thought much of it. Until the pains began getting a lot worse.”
“How long do you think you’ve been experiencing pain? Do you have an estimated answer?”
“I think it’s safe to say well over six months. The pains have just recently intensified, though.”
“On a scale of one to ten, how bad were the pains when they began six months ago?”
“About a four.”
“How are they now, roughly a six or seven?”
The nurse takes notes on Kandra’s confidential medical chart.
“I’m leaning more toward a seven or eight.”
“Alright Ms. Salinas. Dr. Treul will be making her way in here shortly. Have a good day!”
The nurse exits the room. Kandra patiently waits for her doctor. She receives a phone call twenty-four hours after her appointment. It’s Dr. Treul’s voice. “May I speak to Kandra Salinas?” “This is her.” “Hi, this is Dr. Treul, your lab results came back just as I suspected. I’m afraid I have both, good and bad news. The bad news is you have ovarian cysts. I am going to refer you to a specialist where he can perform a laparoscopy. Using a laparoscope — a slim, lighted instrument, he’ll insert it into your abdomen through a small incision — and he will be able to see your ovaries and remove the ovarian cysts. It turns out the problem is actually proximal to your pelvic cavity. However, the good news is recovery shouldn’t be too bad.” Kandra stays quiet for a few seconds, trying to absorb all of the information that was just thrown at her. Not only does she have ovarian cysts, but she also needs surgery to rid of them and the pain. They conclude their conversation minutes later.

After countless appointments, my long awaited surgery is finally going to occur. I was told to lie down on the bed that was designated for me, I was in the lateral position. It sat on four wheels which rolled smoothly against the white linoleum floor that shined of cleanliness.
Once I became one with the annoying machinery the petite nurse placed on me she said, “please lie down in the dorsal position.”
I instinctively responded:“will the surgery hurt?” as I moved into the correct position
“Only a little” she said with a face that wasn’t too reassuring.
I heard a slight chuckle as she began to walk out of the room.
Soon after the nurse hooked me up to the medications, that I watched slowly drip into the IV bag, I began to feel different.
I was then left alone for about twenty minutes.
The nurse entered the room and calmly began to stroll me down several more long hallways that seemingly resembled mirrors. My only thought was man, I must really be tripping from these drugs!
The nurse recognized my confusion, but continued forward. I knew I had arrived at…