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Assessment Task #1: Research Project
Industrial Separation Process: * Use the italicised text as guiding statements for setting out your scientific report. * Replace or remove all of these guiding statements before submitting the assessment. * No personal pronouns should be used. * Note that you will still need to refer to the Task marking criteria. * I have also included some general advice on writing this type of research task.
Title - The title of the research project should reflect the mixture and industrial separation process studied.

* Introduce the researched mixture and separation process. * I actually recommend that you leave this part of the task for the final stage of writing the task after addressing the research questions. * The introduction should be able to be completed effectively in one paragraph that occupies half to three-quarters of the first page. * Feel free to use the research questions as subheadings as I have in the pro forma document. (a) Identify which of the four “spheres” the mixture belongs to.

* Here you should identify the “sphere” where the mixture comes from. (b) Describe the type of industrial separation and how the physical properties of the individual components of mixture are used in its separation into purer substances.

* Here you should describe in detail the industrial separation process. * An appropriately labelled figure that is a flowchart clearly demonstrating the sequence of all steps in separation process with boxes and connecting arrows should also be included here. (c) Identify the products of the industrial separation and their uses.

* Describes in detail separated products of the industrial separation process and their uses. (d) Identify waste products