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The island itself, recalls the Garden of Eden as it was an originally pristine, untouched place, that has been now, tainted by human evils. As Jack is driven to strive for more and more power among the boys, the further he immerses into wrath, greed, pride, all of which are part of the seven deadly sins driven by human wants. As Jack strives for these, it makes Ralph infuriated because he knows it’s wrong. But the boys fighting does no good for them, only pushing Ralph further away from the group, because I believe, it’s easier to follow evil and human wants than finding moral peace and trying to live by it. Especially when everyone around you is following the innateevil. We also see that “The Lord of the Flies” (pigs head) itself is a symbol for the Devil. Working to promote evil among theboys (human kind) as he did in the Garden Of Eden with Eve. Corrupting innocence and destroying mankind is what the devil feeds on.

Now, among all the boys of the island following the evils, Simon is the only one who finds moral truth and righteousnesswithin the group. He realizes what is morally right and wrong. Apon finding the truth and the rest of the boys realizing he had, they kill him. Possibly as a symbolic sacrifice as Jesus was. But the difference between Simon and Jesus is that Simon does not bring salvation to the island and children. Also, Jesus was able to spread the word of God and moral truth before he was killed. Simon was killed before he could spread the word of truth and make the boys understand moral reasoning and that the temptation of the Devil is wrong and can be restrained. Maybe it was because he was prematurely sacrificed. That could have been the only holding factor of salvation the island could have had. This also could have been a motive to show what could have happened to human kind if Jesus wasn’t able to spread “The Truth” and “The Word of God.”

Loss of innocence is another major theme in the Lord of The Flies, which correlates directly with Civilization and Savagery. When the boys arrive at the island they are orderly and have a longing for home. But, as the story progresses they turn into savages who have no desire to return to the civilization that they once knew and loved before. It possibly could be because they had a taste of independency, realizing they could survive on their own, they naturally start to depreciate in the innocence they once had when they were so sheltered at home. But because of their complete openness to innate evil that has existed in mankind since the