Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding we are able to see the evil that is present in all people and how it can corrupt the minds of children. This group of children from Britain is flying in a plane and it suddenly crashes on a deserted island. There are no adults on the island which means these kids are on their own. They have to overcome their differences and try to survive. As we learn on later in the story, some kids will have power and abuse it. Our main leaders, Ralph and Jack, are two kids that were born leaders and have two different ways of how everything should be run. This leads to further conflict in the story which ends with a lucky escape. A couple weeks without parental supervision can really mess with the minds of some children and it could make them do things they would never think of doing. This novel shows us how even a young twelve year old boy can become a killer. In every society there is a leader but when two boys can’t decide, their true character is revealed. In the novel, when Ralph blew the horn for the very first time to gather everyone, Jack showed up with his choir thinking he was going to rule everything. They had a vote and Ralph one. The kids did actually make a good choice which hard to do considering they barely know them. Also in the novel, Ralph wants to have everything in order while Jack only wants to hunt. Even though hunting is really important, Jack needs to wrap his head around the whole picture which is getting rescued. Ralph knows everything that needs to be done so Jack really just needs to back off. Lastly, when Ralph said, “Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up?” (Golding 180), Jack didn’t see Ralphs point. Jack obviously chose hunting and breaking things up which was the wrong choice. As we saw in these examples, Ralph was the better leader of the two. With no adult supervision, kids would do things that they would not normally do. For example, when everyone was having fun at Jacks little party, Simon popped out of the bushes and they thought he was the beast so they killed him. If any adults were there, this wouldn’t have happened