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To: Ms. O’Connor.
From: Dhara Patel.
Date: October 1, 2013.
Subject: Parker Hannifin Memo.

This memo here is about the Parker Hannifin field trip, where several employees of the company came down to talk about their job and their day to day work. The employees belonged to several departments related to IT. After the trip and getting a little more information about the company and its employees, I present you some of the highlights of the companies various departments. The company’s overview was presented to us by William Eline, the corporation vice-president and chief information officer. Will has worked with Parker Hannifin for 35 years. He started his job there in the manufacturing department, then to accounting and finally to IT. He got his bachelors at John Carroll and his masters at Kent State in information systems. He mentioned that Parker Hannifin competes with everyone. The company is a global company spread over 49 countries in 542 locations employing 58,000 employees. Will mentioned some of the IT professionals at Parker Hannifin which include Software development and integration, Business analysis, Infrastructure support and management, and Project management. The company is looking for employees who can work flexibly and see business from global perspective with good communication skills, leadership ability and time management. He ended with “Every business decision triggers and IT event.” Keith Deems, manager enterprise systems gave the background about technical support. Keith has been with Parker Hannifin for the past 18 years. He gave us information about technical support which is about Midrange, Mainframe, Mainframe security and apps, Database administration. Keith introduced the roles of a midrange admin, which is backup and recovery, problem resolution, performance and customer issue and off-hours service which are 24/7. Then next is a little more information about mainframe. It is the super computer which is reliable, virtualized, and secure. The first mainframe was made in 1952 and it was 10,000 sq. ft and now it’s the size of a refrigerator. This shows how the technology is developing and making things that big into something so small. The networking overview was presented by Liz Firtha. She just graduated and has not been with parker too long. She gave some background information about what her team does. They design, manage and support data communication system. LAN/ WAN are types of data communications. Certain systems were introduced such as VPN- Virtual Private Network and APT- Advanced Persistent Threat. Genelle Pretty led the group through technical communications. Genelle has worked at parker for the past 4 years. To be a part of the technical communication team they look for employees that are precise and concise. They can multi-task and have a good control over their time. And they should be good communicators. Certain tasks that the team does are to create guidelines for products, write handbooks for the company. Rose Kunc showed the group more about manufacturing and distribution systems. She is the manufacturing and distribution systems business analyst. The