Project Proposal Memo

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Project Proposal Memo
Attn: Management and Stakeholders
Purpose of Proposal
New Company wide Compliance System and Policies
Project Description
Due to the nature of an expanding company, a new companywide compliance system is needed for Integrity Testing, LLC. In addition to the new compliance system, new compliance policies will be introduced. All managers will require training to properly perform their jobs as well as ensure their subordinates perform properly. This training will be coordinated and undertaken as part of the New Horizons project.
Project Stakeholders
New Horizons affects many individuals both directly and indirectly. The main stakeholders of this project include all of the managers at each branch location across the country. The managers are affected directly since they will be attending the training sessions. Each of the employees at the branch locations across the company will be affected indirectly by New Horizons. The training the managers receive will be passed on to each of their respective employees. The CEO of Integrity Testing, LLC. will be indirectly affected by this project as well. The CEO requires feedback to evaluate training sessions and therefore is an important factor to the project for future training.
Objectives and Outcomes
New Horizons will provide the training and information required for all managers to effectively and efficiently run and operate the new compliance system according to the new policies. During the training sessions each of the managers will be given hands-on training with the new compliance system. This will alleviate any questions or confusion about the proper use and functions of the system. Managers will also be given detailed information about the new compliance policies. This information will ensure that all employees follow the guidelines and within the limits of the law.