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Hardy 1
Dominique Hardy
Mrs. Hernandez
English 8
April 13, 2012
Should contraceptives be given out in school? Many parents believe that the contraceptives provided by the sex education classes in school are a good source of protection for their teens. The more sex education classes that provide them, the better. Contraceptives have taken a major role in the sex life of teens and have also helped teens practice not only safe sex but abstinence. “Sometimes you will hear people say abstinence doesn’t work, which is a comical thing to say because abstinence is the only thing that works one hundred percent of the time if you practice it. (“Topic-Overview: Sex Education”) since abstinence if the most effective way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, it is highly encouraged by parents that the teens practice it. Some parents totally disagree with the fact that sexual education classes are providing the students with contraceptives. The use of the contraceptives will start to increase causing the teens to think that having sex is in fact ok. Rev George Szal states “I think it’s a big mistake. The problem is they’re saying do
Hardy 2 what you want just don’t make trouble for us by getting a disease or getting pregnant.” Although it isn’t inevitable to get a disease or get pregnant, there is still a high possibility that it may occur and the parents aren’t happy about that. How would you feel if your child was given contraceptives by their teachers every other class and told them to go practice safe sex? Knowing that your child is somewhere out there taking a huge risk pretty much setting themselves up for failure. That doesn’t seem to exciting to me. This is one of the several problems of parents all around.
There may be people who don’t care about teenage pregnancies, but majority of