The People Party Essay

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The People Party The issues that we are against are Education, National Security, and Gun control. The reason why we disagree with those three things because they both destroy the government. We all believe in tough gun control restrictions and very hard requirements. Such, as you have to be 25 years old, can’t have a felony for any kind. Only, handguns are able to be sold in gun shops semi-automatic and automatic are sold privately or go in a public auction. We take a firm stand in abortion. The "People’s Party" thinks it’s wrong to kill a human life. Tougher on convicted felonies and more jail time with more funds to police officers. Also believe in vouchers for schools and parents. We believe there we have to a tougher status for illegal Mexicans, but a simpler process to immigration. Never or we saying forget Mexicans, but America is a melting pot to reflect society. I forgot to mention Government should control gun handling instead of the states, it’s a nationwide issue. Next, on the war in terror we have to have a tighter security influence, and help stop bickering. Also, we believe in cooperation among all countries, with treaties and world aid if possible.

We most invest heavily in training and supplying are armies from the difficult challenges of the 21st century. Also invest heavily in our information and intelligence around our allies. This means have a heavy influence around the world, and kept our interests together. Also being in NATO and the UN and cooperating with them to kept