The Power of Prejudice Essay

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Toprock is a major element of b-boying. It generally refers to any string of steps performed from a standing position, relying upon a mixture of coordination, flexibility, rhythm, and most importantly, style. It is usually the first and foremost opening display of style, and it serves as a warm-up for transitions into the more acrobatic maneuvers of downrock. Breakers may devote considerable time to developing their toprock, and the style they display is a point of pride.
Toprocking is a style of dance in and of itself, and the Indian step is the most commonly performed toprock "move". However, toprocking is very open to modification for individual style. For the same reason, it has come to incorporate elements that range widely from salsa steps to Lindy Hop to Liquid dancing and the Robot. In particular, uprock, often confused with "toprock," is a competitively-oriented type of dance consisting of foot shuffles, spins, turns, and creative movements that may mimic combat.

Downrock is an element of breakdance that includes all footwork performed on the floor. Downrock is normally performed with the hands and feet on the floor, as opposed to toprock. In downrock, the breakdancer displays his or her proficiency with foot speed and control by performing footwork combinations. The foundational move of downrock is the 6-step, and combinations often transition from it into more athletic moves known as power moves.

Power moves are moves loosely defined as relying on speed, momentum, and acrobatic elements for performance. They are prominent in B-boying, often the centerpieces of routines featuring the