The Pros And Cons Of Testing

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Thesis Statement: Students deserve to enjoy learning, not dread it.
Testing is Not Teaching Standardized testing is wasting an ample amount of money that could be used for important school programs and extra-curricular activities that benefit students. (CX) According to the Brookings Institution, the aforementioned tests are costing the United States 1.7 billion dollars a year. The money spent on these ineffective exams should be used on programs such as the arts or sports, which have both proven to increase one’s productivity, ambition, and intelligence. Students deserve to spend their multiple years of school learning directly from teachers, who care about a pupil’s education and future, rather than stressful tests. The ignorance of the people and organizations approving of these exams is astounding. Teachers are also negatively affected by the ample amount of exams. For example, a 2014 NEA survey proves that the average educator spends nearly one-third of their time on testing-related tasks. Teachers attempt to create an environment that welcomes their students to ask questions and invest themselves deeper in education, but the stress caused by these tests is distracting them in the classroom, which is where the aforementioned students need to be focused. (C-C) Rather than bombarding students with exams, one should consider the multiple cons involved. Continuing to pressure young adults with testing will only destroy their incentive to learn. Both teachers