Reason Is A Rational Reason

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I think that all knowledge require some kind of rational basis because reason logically serves to manage the acts and thinking, reasoning and deciding according to what is more coherent and precise or accurate. We act rightly when we want to defend our ideas, some objective and try to be very justices in the criteria. We build on what we already know because we cannot know something from nothing, without the basic process of perception through reason cannot form new knowledge. For instance, math is a subject which always have logic to support the reasoning. But, in art, logic is not always necessary because people use their emotion to evaluate art pieces. People also use reason to believe, because we always need to have true arguments for believe in something that is being talked about, because, for example, if we have to answer a question by saying yes or no, we must always give reasons for of what is said and for which refuses.

As we know the reason is very different from the logic, because reason is a form of knowledge and logic is the study of the methods used to differentiate good or right. With logic is concerned mostly the validity of thought and reasoning. The reasoning is an effort which people make meaning together, modifying and improving their ideas and opinions. All arguments are going to do require consistent arguments. The reason is more present, in making everyday decisions, in the same way as problem solving in mathematics, science and other areas of…