The Revolutionary War Essay

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The Revolutionary War
Billy Williams
May 19, 2013
Samantha Valley

The Revolutionary War

I. The Declaration of Independence A. Congress declares Independence, July 2, 1776 B. Congress adopts The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

II. Gen. George Washington crosses the Delaware River A. Attacked hessian troops on December 26, 1776 B. Attack was done in such a manner that it set the stage for subsequent victories

III. The Flag Resolution A. Betsy Ross reports that she has sewed the first American Flag, May, 1776 B. Continental Congress adopts the flag to represent the United States, the flag is as follows: Thirteen stripes, alternate Red and White, the Union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, to represent a new constellation

IV. Camp at Valley Forge A. General Lachlan McIntosh serves with General George Washington at Valley Forge in the winter of 1776, before going on to later duty assignments B. United States and the French form an alliance against the British, February 6, 1778

V. US Constitution Signed A. The articles of confederation are adopted by the continental congress, March 2, 1781 B. British General Cornwallis is surrounded on land and sea by United States and French, Gen. Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown, VA, October 19, 1781

The war was sparked by the Boston Massacre, where British troops openly fired on unarmed civilians in 1770. When the British Soldiers fired their weapons killing three (3) people on the spot, wounded eight (8) others and of those wounded two (2) died later of their wounds. It was this single event that lead to the revolutionary war, and the Royal Governor to evacuate the occupying army from Boston, and bring the revolution to armed rebellion throughout the colonies. ("The Boston Massacre", 1999-2013). In the early days of warfare the battles were fought in campaigns, and in the winter months the soldiers would camp, to rearm and regroup for the next campaigns in the following spring. British Parliament being in control of the colonies, to the point that the colonist’s rebelled against the Crown. So in 1775 Continental Congress placed a ban on all shipments of goods from Great Briton, and other English countries, also in that same year the redcoats again fired on civilians and minutemen. Congress also makes plans for a Continental Army, and naming George Washington as the Army’s commander. Under General Washington’s leadership he places his generals in charge of key units that will come into play in the later years of the war. These are just a few actions took place prior to our Declaration of Independence in 1776. The revolutionary war was about the colonies establishing their independence from the British and the founding of the continental army along with the state militias.

In the year of 1776 Congress, reviews, revises and debates the Declaration of Independence, they chose to adopt the Declaration and Days later declare Independence from the British. (Chronology of Events. 1999-2013). The Declaration of Independence is printed and read aloud in New York, in front of the American Army, later Congress orders the Declaration to be engrossed (Officially Inscribed) and signed by the members of Congress. In 1777 Congress ordered signed copy’s of the Declaration of Independence be printed and sent to the states. Along with the newly Declared Independence, General Washington’s army is on the move. While other army units are being attacked by Cherokee Indians.
In the mid of 1776 after declaring Independence the Delegates of Congress start to sign the Declaration of Independence. The Continental Army was able to hold out against the attacks of the Indians, and the British on several fronts, with only losing small foot holds. General Washington is defeated on Aug 27th 1776, but his Army escapes under cover of darkness and less then one month later holds his ground and in the later months ahead he plans and executed