The Social Network Essay

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Brandisha A. Braddy
September 5, 2012
History 2112-09
The Social Network The Social Network took place in the Fall of 2003 when a Harvard undergraduate majoring in Computer Programing by the name of Mark Zuckerberg sat at his computer and came up with a new idea. What started as just blogging and programming soon became a global social network. Nearly 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg is the 2nd youngest billionaire in history and is the co-founder of Facebook. This Film reevaluated how Facebook came about. The information that was provided was somewhat accurate. In the film it was showed that Mark got dumped by his girlfriend but was later stated that he had been dating her since 2003 and they are now married. Also in the movie they showed that he was interested in the final clubs and he wasn’t. I feel as though the writers of this movie switched things up for the viewer’s entertainment. They managed to get one thing correct, the wardrobe, every hoodie and t-shirt was accurate. It puzzles me that the smallest details they will get correct, but the ones that would be more important are left out. This movie symbolize a great invent of history. By Mark creating the social network Facebook, not only students can benefit from it parents can too. They can keep in touch with their children when they are off at school, military, or just living in a different state. I wish that the movie demonstrated that. It only showed what impact it had on just students.