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Social Networking: Facebook
Social networks have become a part of our everyday routine. One of the most popular social networking websites is Facebook. Some people use Facebook to find family and old college or high school friends. We reconnect with people that we haven’t communicated with in what seems like forever. Even businesses have found good results by advertising on this site. Obviously, many people find interest in using Facebook. Facebook captures the users time with their engaging features and amazingly helpful options.
When reasoning with younger generations, Facebook is a form of communication and the beginning of new friendships and/or relationships. As for the older ones, their complaints usually pertain to the negativity of using the site. Some people may object to Facebook because they think that Facebook is too difficult to use, allows people to post inappropriate pictures, and is absolutely inappropriate for education. However, Facebook has begun filtering photos and status update. Also, Facebook’s new format is very simple and fake accounts are being deactivated. This site has made improvements so that anyone over the age of 13 can enjoy using the site. Therefore, Facebook can be very useful on any level of education.
With 1.1 billion users, Facebook is the most used social network in present day. It has astounding features. Facebook allows people to organize events and reconnect with friends simply by using the search bar. One of its best features happens to be its new and improved video chat system. Facebook is one of the first social networks to provide a video chat option. The site also allows users to post statuses and share pictures with friends. The viewers have the option of commenting or “liking” the photo. Businesses use Facebook for advertisement by creating “like” pages. Users can like this page and in return, receive updates on the business and even product promotions. Facebook is by far the best place for advertisement. Not only does it save money, but people can easily access the