Essay The Theories of Empowerment

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Throughout this piece of assessment we were to put together a short piece of choreography showing our understanding and knowledge of the word entitled ‘Empowerment’. This term we learnt about South Africa and their background on how the people back then use to live and how they had a different sort of life style to the one we have today. We also watched a movie called ‘Cry Freedom’ which was about a South African journalist, Donald Woods who was forced to flee the country after attempting to investigate the death in custody of his friend the black activist Steve Biko. This movie is based upon an true story which shows us the connection and power South Africaans and the whites had against each other and it gave an clear message on how the whole history of the blacks and whites have changed today and amazingly it has become a big difference since then. Empowerment is defined as a process that fosters power in people for use in their lives, their communities and in their society; by acting on issues they define as important. My choreography is about ‘Peace’, wanting to make the generation of the black and white people better in order for them to overcome those negative issues such as racism and hatred against one another.
In the beginning of my dance it begins with two dancers starting on stage they begin clapping on their laps and they do that five times. The two dancers represent the ‘Black Race’ (black t-shirts) and they are the ones who are suffering from the hatred of the whites. The claps they do represent the attention they want to seek help from people because they are in danger and they know that they need someone there in order to rescue them. As they go on doing that, two more dancers walk in and stand on the opposite side of them, these dancers represent the ‘White Race’ (white t-shirts). As the dance goes on we start to kind of recognise each other’s imperfections, meaning the two races begin to sort of come along together and dance together trying to make peace happen. But as the dance goes on the whites are still against the black race and they still give the black race grieve because they’re not sure whether to believe them just yet or if they should just make piece to on another.
Throughout this dance piece I have created movements that symbolize the fight and aggression between the two…