the things i carry Essay

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Throughout the course of my life I have held on to personal memories as well as objects that hold emotional value. The Things I Carry are more than one can guess by just looking at me. At times in life, in all our lives, it seems that we carry things we would never imagine would weigh so much on us. I carry more than just my school supplies when I walk into the school every morning. I carry many thoughts about my past, present, and my future. I carry my conscience every second of the day. I carry 17 years of memories and experiences. I carry my backpack into school every day that I’ve had since fourth grade. Within the backpack I carry a dozen pen and pencils, scissors, glue, calculator, a five subject notebook, and a folder. I carry my English, trigonometry, and problems of democracy books. I carry my cell phone and wallet in my pockets. I carry my brownbag lunch that I make every night because I refuse to eat gross school lunch. I carry my basketball shoes to practice that I’ve had for four years and have no grip left
I carry more than just my school supplies when I walk into school. I carry all my drive to do well in school. I carry the dream of going off to college or elsewhere, and being successful in whatever I choose to do. I carry the determination to get good grades because I know I have it in me. With the good grades I also carry the laziness by ignoring my schoolwork. I carry a mindset that says B’s and C’s are acceptable, I can just skip a few assignments