Essay on The True Cause of World War 2

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WW1 had nothing to do with WW2 hitler was the person who staryed ww2 by invading poland 20 after the Treaty

the Real cause of WW2 was the peoole that Put Hitler in power and then in 1933 Built his war Machine

here is a short list of the people that financed the NAZIS up to 1945 remember no hitler No WW2

the Bulk of NAZI germanys Funding came From these American Owned Companies from 1924

in 1933 Warburg loaned the German Olympic committee 60,000 Gold marks

ITT owned Factory of Fokker Wolf

The Biggest donations were sent Via I G Farben who was owned By standard/ Vacuum Oil which in turn was Owned By Prescott Bush and the Rockefeller's

In 1933 Prescott Bush Rockefeller and FDR loaned Hitler the Money that put him in power when he won the elections

On Hitler's birthday in 1939, the Ford Company in germany sent him a gift of 50,000 Marks as a token of its loyalty.

Ford is actually the only American that Hitler even mentions in his book Mein Kampf.

By 1941, the Ford Werke plant became one of the largest suppliers of military vehicles to the German Army.

the Grand Cross of the German Eagle was presented to these Americans from Hitler

James Mooney, the General Motors executive in charge of European operations also received award. Coincidentally, his firm had also invested very heavily in Germany. In 1929, General Motors had bought up 80% of the German automobile firm of Opel.

The same award was presented by Herman Göring to the wildly popular (and coincidentally, very wealthy, and highly politically 'connected') American aviation hero, Charles Lindbergh, in October, 1938

similar awards to

Thomas J. Watson, chairman of IBM, 1937. Watson was also president of the International Chamber of Commerce in 1937;

Henry Ford was awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle on his 75th birthday, 30 July 1938.

General Olof Thörnell, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, was awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle 7 October 1940. so much for Neutrality

Charles Lindbergh was awarded the Order of the German Eagle with Star 19 October 1938.

SKF ignored the request to stop selling to Germany in 1943 because they were making to Much money

here are a few that contributed up to and including 1945

SKF of Philadelphia worlds Largest Ball bearing Manufacturer sold 600,000 units a year to order from 1933 to 1945

Standard Oil refuelling U Boats caught by the US coast Guard in 1943

IG Farben Owned By standard oil which was owned By prescott Bush and the Rockefeller's

Du Pont who were also working with the Manhattan Project

IBM helped with the Holocaust

Coco Cola they developed Fanta in Germany


Opel in Germany owned and controlled fully by GM




Standard Gas & Electric

The International Harvester Company

Herman Metz, a director of the Bank of Manhattan, controlled by the Warburgs.