The Turtle Essay

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The Turtle The turtle in the Grapes of Wrath symbolizes us and how we endure hardships like the turtle. The turtle showed resilience when crossing the road similar to how we show resilience when an obstacle is put in front of us. The turtle is as determined and focused on crossing the road as we are when trying to overcome an obstacle. When the turtle is crossing the street it is hit by a car and flipped over. The turtle getting flipped over represents the many different obstacles that are placed in front of us. It takes a lot of work for the turtle to flip itself back over, but it does and continues on its journey. The turtle’s resilience to flip back over represents the determination we show in order to overcome an obstacle. The person driving the car purposely hit the turtle which represents the people in our lives who try to bring us down. The turtle shows courage in its attempt to cross the road and climb the embankment just like we show courage in our attempt to reach our goals. The turtle endures many struggles throughout its journey across the street similar to the many struggles we endure when a challenge is placed in front of us. In life we face many different challenges similar to challenges a turtle faces. Sometimes we try to hide from our problems similar to how a turtle hides in its shell. A turtles shell is used to protect the turtle just like how people put up a wall to block out other people from hurting them. A turtle needs to take chances in life like crossing a street similar to how we need to take chances throughout life in order to attain our goals and aspirations. We are faced with heartbreaks, friendships, death, and hardships all throughout life and just like the turtle we need to persevere and move on with our lives. We are all turtles because we try to hide from the bad things that happen in our lives and take full advantage when things are going good. One major challenge approaching is college. In four months college will begin and I will start a new chapter in my life. We will be starting our journey similar to the turtle’s. We will be approaching unfamiliar territories similar to the turtle crossing the street to the embankment. We aim to be as brave as we possibly can