The United States: Far Superior over Italy Essay

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The United States: Far Superior over Italy Where would you rather live: The United States or Italy? Although both have similar Educational systems, the opportunities to thrive in the United States are far superior to Italy. The Democratic System which focuses on what is good for the majority allows more freedoms and therefore, is the better choice to reside. The poverty level and unemployment rate vary for each country; however, the United States is far more superior. The United States Government The United States government is a democracy which by definition is a government by and for the people; the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. (Webster dictionary). This involves the government ruling and making laws for the greater good of all people. There are three different branches, the legislative branch, executive branch and judicial branch. The first is the legislative branch, which is made up of two houses of congress, the senate and the House of Representatives. The legislative branch is charged with making the laws. The second branch is the Executive Branch with the President as the head. Any laws that are passed, he/she has to approve. The last branch is the Judicial Branch which interprets constitution and laws passed by congress. The Supreme Court is the head of the Judicial Branch (“Three Branches of Government”). Together these branches provide the checks and balances that are necessary to ensure the Government is acting in the majority of the populous best interest.
The Education System in the United States The education system in the United States allows each individual to choose the type and level of education they receive. In the United States there are three ways to earn an education: through public school, private school or home schooling. The most common form is public school where school and books are free. Students will attend elementary school (grades K-5), followed by middle school (grades 6-8) then high school (grades 9-12) and finally a college degree (bachelor, masters or doctorate). If a family chooses, they can pay a yearly fee for a private education. The grade structure is identical (“Structure of Education”). Although some private schools combine elementary and middle, others may combine middle with high school. In addition to public and private school, one can earn an education through homeschooling. Homeschooling can be done online or at ones home from a certified homeschooling teacher. Regardless of the method an individual chooses, the standards are the same and therefore the education is more or less identical. The educational system in the United States provides a forum for individuals to personally direct their program. The ability to choose which delivery method is right for the individual is a choice that is often taken for granted, but makes the USA superior.
Poverty level and Unemployment Rate in the United States There are often two measures that economist look at when determining economic success. They are the poverty level and the unemployment rate. In the United States a family is counted as poor if its pretax money income is below its poverty threshold (“Poverty in the United States”). According to the 2010 census, 46.9 people in the USA were below the poverty level. This was up slightly from 2007. Typically, the poverty level and unemployment level work hand in hand. According to Trading Economics, the unemployment rate can be defined as the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labor force. In May of 2012, the unemployment rate was last reported at 8.2 percent (United States Unemployment Rate). However, because the USA is so much larger in size when compared to other countries, the poverty and unemployment rates are often skewed. Smeeding in his article, “Poor People Rich Nations”, notes that the USA is ranked second in poverty