The Use of Technology in Communication Essay

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We’re in an age now where almost everyone has some sort of technology that they can use to communicate with someone else. Some might say that this is a bad thing and some might say its good, but in my opinion, its okay whether or not you use technology to communicate. Both communicating with technology or with someone in real life have their negatives and positives. I think that its ok to use both methods of communication as long as you don’t use your phone or computer more than actually talking to a person.

Social skills are an important part of your life if you want to have connections with a lot of people. Meaning, if you're a social person and like to talk to people, you're going to know a lot more people and have a lot bigger connections with them. Basically, my point is that if you're always using your phone or computer to communicate with people, you're not going to know as many people or have as big connections with them. I’ve actually seen some people around school who do this, and they don’t really talk to anyone or socialize at all. That’s why I think its important to not just be using your phone all the time to talk to someone. Not using your phone will help you develop better or improve your social skills and that together will let you make more friends.

Now when people are using their phone to talk to me, I noticed that the person I'm talking to really doesn’t care what they're saying and they're a lot more open-minded than they are when actually