Communication Technology Is A Necessity For Human Interaction

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Communication technology is a necessity for human interaction. It plays an important role in acquiring and disseminating information. Regardless of time and boundary, technology helps provide information for the decision making process. Communication technology is important in the human civilization process. At the end of this topic you should be able to explain the importance of communication technology, define communication technology, explain its impact and influence, explain its influence on education, business and economy, government, society and globalization. You should also be able to explain the use of technology in interpersonal communication.

Definition of communication technology
Rogers (1991) defines communication
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It also allows you to choose how and how much you want to store and retrieve information and messages.
Self-exposure refers to what you expose about yourself. Communication technology allows you to choose what you are willing to expose or what you want to withhold about yourself. For example, when you are on the internet, you have the option as to what information about yourself that you are willing to share with others.

Interpersonal communication and communication technology.
With technology our interpersonal communication is totally different. We can choose to communicate with all the technologies that are available. Distance, time and are no longer problems in interpersonal communication with communication technology. For example we can communicate everyday with some one who is far away like in America, Europe or anywhere in the world by telephone or e-mail. With communication technology “distance is dead.” We can get our messages across in faster and in less time. We really save time by using communication technology. Space too no longer pose a problem when we use communication technology. Different culture regard space differently. This usually happens when we communicate face to face. But when communicating with communication technology, space is the distance between ourself and the telephone or the computer. So there is not much consideration for space.
So the impact of communication technology on our interpersonal