The Women's Rights Movement

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Women eventually gained the right to equality but it was hard to get to that point. The fight for women’s suffrage and equality paid off in the end because women now have the same or similar rights as men. Many things led up to women gaining their freedom such as events before the movement, the changing rights for women, occurrences before the movement, and the lasting effects of the Women’s Rights Movement.
Before the Women’s Rights Movement women had to go through a series of events in order to gain their freedoms. “Before the movement women were struggling to gain rights that men were granted” ( Before the fight for equality began women were treated in unfair ways. This unfair treatment led to women speaking out against
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“This movement raised awareness of violence against women such as rape and domestic violence” ( As well as arguing for equality and suffrage women also argued for the proper treatment and respect. This brought more awareness of the topics of rape and domestic violence and helps protect women today from these acts. Now that there is awareness of the issue women can feel safer and more protected. This movement also brought an increase in respect for women which led to women getting accepted more places such as schools and training programs. “There was also an impact on education such as a higher acceptance rate for women into colleges or educational programs” ( With more women getting education, this led to more women getting jobs and becoming professionals in their field. Women were more respected in the educational department and in the workplace. The higher acceptance rate expanded the size of colleges and universities. And also making the public more educated. Since women were more educated they were more likely to get a higher paying job. “The Women’s Rights Movement impacted the workplace as well. There were increases in the number of women earning advanced degrees which led to more women in professional fields” ( With more women getting a better education this led to more women earning more prestigious jobs such as doctors and lawyers. Today women’s involvement is a lot different than it was before the movement. This gave women more respect and are treated as a