The World is Flat Essay

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Double Entry #2
There are ten forces that are flattening the world. The Ten Forces are Collapse of the Berlin Wall, Netscape, Work Flow software, Uploading, outsourcing, offshoring, supply-chaining, insourcing, in-forming, and finally the steroids. While Friedman was talking about computers and their possibilities on the global community: “Never before in the history of the planet have so many people-on their own-had the ability to find so much information about so many things and about so many other people(68).” These factors have contributed much to the function of the modern world. The 9th factor(in-forming) has been one of the more major contributors to our society. The prime examples of in-forming are google and other search engines.
“The historical debate is over. The answer is free-market capitalism(97).” This quote is significant because it represents the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of the free market economy. Not only did the fall of the Berlin Wall unleash forces that ultimately liberate the captive populations of the Soviet Union, it tipped the balance of power, worldwide, toward those advocating democratic, consensual, free market oriented governance. The period from 1989 until the mid-1990s was the age of “My machine and I can now talk to each other, better and faster, so that I can do more tasks. Moreover, my machine and I can talk better and faster to a few friends, and some other people in my company, so that we can become more productive.” The internet opened up countless opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking wealth.It didn’t take long before everyone wanted to do more than just browse and transmit email, instant message, send pictures, and listen to music over the Net. They also wanted to create, sell, and buy goods and services, keep track of…