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How to become a “Lady Boy”
Nowadays, our world is bizarre. If you walk along the street and try to observe people around you, you will see a lot of different kinds of strange people. You may see girls who have short hair, wear boy’s clothes, hang out in boy’s groups and pretend to act like boys. In contrast, you may find strangeness if you see boys who have long hair, cover their faces with make-up, and wear skirts. From my experience, this is fantastic because I learned that the genders on the Earth that we have are male and female, and that there are distinct differences between them. When I was in High School, I had a chance to know a person who had an outstanding personality, which was different from other people. Before I met that person, I was always confused about the gender of this human, “Is that person a boy or a girl?” I did not know his real name, but all of my classmates called him “Tud-si”.
Tud-si (Thai Language), translates to “Lady Boy” in English. Tud-si describes boys who are not satisfied or are confused in their gender, and want to change their characteristics of strong men into the characteristics of cute girls. For instance, a lot of Lady Boys prefer to have long hair because long hair can make them comparable with women. Also, it can wrap their manly face and help create an illusion for society. Interestingly, the use of make-up is a trait that you will see in how all Lady Boys present themselves. The main reason is that they want to be more attractive and charming than women. Moreover, their gestures and mannerisms are like those of a woman. If you try to observe these Lady Boys, you might not be able to distinguish that they are actually men that have taken on the characteristics of women, because they are very good at making this illusion look genuine. Don’t worry my friends, before the surgery process, all of the Lady Boys still have that one body part different from women. The one organ that is stuck to their body, that cannot be hidden from you 100%. It is the Penis!!!
Meanwhile, I asked Tud-si “How can you hide your meter long king kong dong to everyone?” Most of the time, Tud-si wears super skinny pant and they are too tight to be observed visibly. However, nobody saw it. “It is not difficult but not easy too, this process called tucking” he said. I was shocked by his words, “Tucking is shoving your testicles inside your body, and then pulling the penis in between your legs. You have to wear a sturdy pair of panties over it.” I felt wonderful and had admiration in him when I learned the about tucking procedure. “You know, I have one giant dream and this dream is the most important for all of the Lady Boys. It is called MTF (Male to Female). It involves enlarging the size of your breasts and changing the sex organs from a penis and testicles into a vagina. Both procedures are expensive though. I hope one day I will be able to afford the procedure and achieve this transformation.” said Tud-si. I looked at his eyes and wished that his dream could become a truth in one day.
Two years passed, I walked on the street and saw the gigantic breasts of a skinny girl in a white shirt and a tiny mini-skirt. “Oh!!Jesus Christ, that girl is hot!” I shouted as a perverted guy who had not seen a girl for long time. After that, a girl looked at me and said “Hi handsome, do you remember me?” Her face was beautiful but for some reason her voice sounded like a fitness trainer’s. I spent two minutes on recalling old memories. “Tud-si, right?” I asked. She hugged me and said “WOW you do remember me, I am so happy!”. “Oh!! My fellow, you changed a lot. I’m so surprised, you are so beautiful” I said. Tud-si replied with her charming smile “Thank you, you are so sweet.” Then, we went to a coffee shop, much like a dating-couple, and she told me about lot of interesting experiences she had as a Lady Boy.
To begin with, Tud-si talked about his life. “Pakorn! You know my life is a huge struggle” said Tud-si. He…