Essay on Theories of Personalities

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The theory of personalities
Cindy Kramer
Essentials of Psychology 211
Rhonda Alexander

The Theory of Personalities

In the early 1900’s, an Austrian Physician, Sigmund Freud, developed a theory that human behavior is motivated by an unconscious part of personality traits. The unconscious behavior Freud concludes contains memories, drives, instincts of which people are not aware. Freud went on to argue that personalities must be determined by three parts to make up a normal human being: The id, the ego, and the superego. Three parts separate but joining components that show how these abstract conceptions relate to the unconscious and conscious mind.
The Id: raw and unorganized, this part of the personality consists of a source of energy that starts from birth. The id attempts to reduce tension brought on by hunger, sex and aggression. The id demands maximum satisfaction at all times. The Ego: This part of the human personality is the buffer, (comforter) between the id, and the outside world in which human beings must co- exist. The ego also begins development soon after birth, and becomes the human instinct energy ball. The ego provides to maintain safety and guidance living in the outside world. Another name for the ego is the “executive” of the human personality (Feldman, 2010). The superego: last of the three abstracts that represent right and the wrong principals, children learn by parents and taught at an early age how to live in a society.