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in the book the hunger games by suzanne collins, katniss, the main character has to participate in this event called the hunger games. the hunger games are almost like the gladiator shows that people used to watch except instead of men the participants are 12 boys and 12 girls picked from a lottery to fight to the death.the main character Katniss has to take care of her younger sister Prim after their mother goes into a catatonic state due to their fathers death.when Prim is picked to participate in the hunger games, Katniss automatically volunteers to take her place.i think the theme of the book is survival because Katniss needs to survive in order to take care of her sister her whole motivator to win is prim. when Katniss arrives at the arena, her first instinct is to get as far away from the cornucopia as possible.but when the count down hits zero she decides to risk it and go for some supplies.she felt this risk was worth taking because she may have known how to survive in the wilderness but without a weapon she wouldn't survive the night.she spots a backpack and thinks that that would be her best bet because it could have supplies she could use.when she gets the backpack she immediately starts running, she ran for miles before she started to get the hours passed she began more and more dehydrated, all she could think about was how prim was going to have to rely on their unreliable mother.this thought made Katniss push harder, she had to stay alive for prim.this shows alot of courage and inner strength.Katniss is the epitome of strength.she's able to persevere through tough situations and stay calm.this says allot about what type of person she is.Katniss is very hard on the outside, but on the inside