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Katy Perry Inspires Women Everywhere With Her Emotional Breakdown In 'Part Of Me'

Katy Perry is such a strong woman. HollywoodLife.com was absolutely blown away with Katy’s honesty in her new 3D documentary Part of Me that hits theatres July 5. We knew that Katy would feature her crumbling relationship with Russell Brand but we didn’t realize that she would be so open with her fans of all ages. This movie will have you falling in love with Katy all over again — read on to find out why.
Katy is no overnight success. She worked her entire life to get to where she is. In the documentary you see clips from Katy’s childhood and you follow her constant rejection in the music industry. But Katy was absolutely determined for her voice to be heard and finally she got the recognition she deserved. This isn’t some sugar coated flick that portrays everything as bubble gum and lollipops. There were real sweat, tears and all nighters for Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson to become the first artist besides Michael Jackson to have five number one singles from an album.
But I’ll tell you one thing; this gorgeous girl deserved a strong man to stand behind her. In the movie you see Katy performing at concerts all over the world and then on her much needed days off, she’d rush to be by Russell’s side. Why wasn’t he visiting her? She’s the one on an international tour! Katy was exhausted but she made time for her marriage.
This movie shows girls everywhere the cliché saying that money can’t