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This I Believe I believe that you can achieve your dreams if you put your heart and mind to it. Many of us when we were younger fantasized about being a superstar, professional football player, or the President of the United States. At first, people thought it was cute, but once we became older we started to hear the response “that’s a one in a million chance”. For many of us, including me, we started to question if we could ever achieve a dream so big. Though many of us have decided on a different occupation, I still have my heart set on the “one in a million” dream of becoming an actress on Broadway. I have had to overcome many obstacles in order to help achieve my dream. Before I danced at PAI, I used to dance at a different studio called Jill Reeners School of Dance. Every day I looked forward to the 45 minute dance class with all of my friends. Even though I just stomped my feet and clapped my hands, it made me feel like I had a purpose.
In 2007, I was asked to try out for the competitive dance team at Jill’s. I sadly didn’t make it the first year, but that didn’t stop me from achieving my goal. I put forth even more effort the next year, and my hard work paid off. I was accepted into the dance team and was thrilled. But once I became a part of the team, I started to notice some things that had never happened before. One day, we were doing a routine across the floor and I was feeling more confident than ever. When it was my turn to go, I flashed my biggest smile and pointed my hardest point. I felt like I could accomplish anything. Once I finished, I felt so proud of myself because I completed something extremely difficult. As I looked over at my teacher expecting her to congratulate me, I noticed something that made my heart drop. My dance teacher was making faces of disgust and disapproval at…