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Medication Doesn’t Always Have to be Prescribed

I believe in laughter. My best friend taught me that. Elise and I have been friends forever. When we met in the first grade, Mrs. Temple’s room to be exact, and I knew she would be someone important in my life forever. From Monday afternoon recess, to Friday night football games, we were always together. Our parents acknowledged our friendship frequently, reminding us that good friends are hard to find, and if you find one not to lose one. Just like any aged girl, Elise and I had our battles, but we always managed to see past the negatives and focus on our positive friendship. She is my best friend forever and ever I constantly told my mom.
There we were, in the old, narrow hallways of Pleasant Hills Middle School. I was walking behind Elise, while she scurried off to class. Normally we would walk together, but for the past two weeks, that was not the case. We had a stupid argument, about her choosing her boyfriend over me, yes I know, immature. It’s hard to watch your friend slip away, knowing it is all for the wrong reasons. Weeks past, and we still walked behind each other to and from classes, until one day. That day, sitting in English, another friend of ours said something absolutely hilarious. Her statement was also a memory us three shared. Once that moment passed, we could not stop laughing. It was like I haven’t laughed in years. I replayed that moment over and over again in my heads, and could tell Elise was doing the same. Right then and there, that little bit of laughter shared brought Elise and I back together and smoothed out any rough patches that may have been there.
Laughing does people good. For some, it’s the best medication of life, and I could not agree more. For me, when I’m down in the dumps or feeling a little blue, I look up funny YouTube videos. I chuckle, or in some cases I laugh uncontrollably. Just in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds, I immediately feel better. When you