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Title: Evaluate the efficiency of any ONE item form within your subject area: Efficiency of UPS company.
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Our lifestyle is changing very rapidly at the present time. We are busy with various things in our every day life. Every thing goes too quickly, Owing to the rapid development of society, companies need to raise our standards and become more efficient. And some representative things, along the lines of economy, manufactures, transportation, especially in the field of logistics. Almost a million parcels are sent all over the world every day. In order to keep the high efficiency of parcel delivery, reducing inventory accumulation, a company should be capable of doing these complex things. Considering these factors, UPS is a really good example in dealing with these problems. This essay will discuss some elements that contribute to the high efficiency in transportation of UPS company, and some comparisons between traditional and current transportation methods will also be addressed. In addition, I will add some suggestions for improvement.

UPS handles approximately 15.1 million package every day, it employs 1,800 management and administrative staff members to operate the process(Kathleen,2010), for the purpose of dealing with parcels by the huge workload, UPS own a large scale professional team to operate. Dividing into different departments, making a logical and integrated plan, doing a superior treatment for customers, making a good communication with each departments, dispatching staffs to do their works clearly, which is show the UPS own its specific and outstanding method in management . And it’s an indispensable factor to become a company which have high efficiency. With a view to becoming a successful express company, it could not achieve this without superior logistics and transportation. The idea of “Services tap tech infrastructure , Business outsource transportation to make leap to better logistics” supported by(Konicki, Steve,2001)showed, on the grounds that wealth outsource among most countries all over the world, UPS established a good business relationship in local places for most countries and got a place for transportation in these nations, with the result that UPS can dispatch the parcels faster than other express companies and keep a good reputation in efficiency. Another main factor is technology and communication. Research has indicated that technology and communication help UPS to become more efficient(Kolman,2010). On the grounds that match the different products’ feature, UPS divided various departments to wrap up the parcels, assigning a reasonable time to dispatch the orders from storage. And also put an emphasis on communication. There is a leader put the information to every one to share, asking suggestions and revise plans after discussion, making decision more comprehensively, meanwhile, which can make staffs feel more responsible and full of passion, and can make each person in work team cooperate easily. So of all these things, staffs in company can create an excellent achievement and drive the further development of the company steadily. So the whole things for good communication can promote the efficiency of the company. Not only for the communication, UPS also pay attention to enhance the staffs’ cultural quality and improve their