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We are trying to find the best efficiency of a motor pulling a mass up and a generator letting it fall. We are in charge of the volts and the amount of mass it will lift up or drop down
When using a motor what the motor basically does is that it take the electric energy and turns it ino mechanical energy, and the generator does the same but vice versa it takes the mechanincal energy and turns it into electrical energy.It does that using a certain amount of input energy for a certain amount of output energy. The ratio between these two is known as (e)=efficiency.Efficiency can be increased by increasing the volts or by lowering the mass. The best combination of the volts and the mass wil result in the greates amount of efficiency, by putting the source of power at its maximum volts and by decreasing the mass. However, for a motor pulling a mass half as much as tt of another motor the time taken to pull it up would have to be more than doubled to shhaow any increase in efficiency. Because of this, I think one with higher mass and high voltage would show the highest efficiency.
If I use a motor and I have it set on 19volts and I lift it 3 different times using three different masses then my efficiency will keep on progressing and increasing because the change in mass isn’t proportionate to the change in time. So basically If I keep increasing the mass and the voltage then the higher the effiency I will recieve.
Materials and Procedures:
• A motor to pull up a mass
• A source of energy
• Different masses
• A timer
• A generator
Use the motor to pull up three different masses at the same voltage (19 V) and record the time it took to pull it up. Measure the height it traveled and use these in the equation for motor efficiency to find its efficiency. Use the generator and drop three masses and record the change in time, masses and height and plug those into the equation for