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Tips for Front Desk * Greeting- Thank you for calling Career Services, how may I help you? * Person may come in needing help creating a resume- offer them a Starter Kit (Yellow Booklet) and schedule an appointment to get them started. * In order to transfer phone calls- In office- (transfer) (name or ext.) (transfer) – out-of-office- (transfer) (extension number) (transfer) * In order to pick up a phone call from anywhere in the office, example: front desk or reception phone (#) (4) * For people to reserve any room on campus must call Reservations: 3475 * Always look up right extension number for people calling wrong office. * If someone is searching for a Grace-Wilkie office above 154 it is located in the Annex which is located outside of our building- Offices of Disability Services and McNair Scholars * Questions regarding Hire-a-Shocker can be answered by Daniel/Jeanne/Jakob, if not available Lori/ Kelci. * Days in which we have in office Interviews, wear business professional attire. * Be aware of the schedule on Outlook- know who is doing walk-ins Mon-Wed and if there are any changes to those. * Check Lori’s calendar to see times when she will be out of the office. * Walk-ins are 1st come 1st serve- need to have resume typed up. They are available to Alumni, but in most cases we ask they set up an appointment subject to fee. * All community members must schedule an appointment- subject to fee. * All calls in regards to an event need to be transferred to that event coordinators office,