Essay Turkey Vs Egypt

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There are two countries that have an important impact in the world. One of them is Turkey, and the other one is Egypt. When you compare them, they seem like different countries but they have some things in common. So this essay will compare and contrast the similarities and differences between Turkey and Egypt in term of their geography, tourism, culture and entertainment.

First of all, there are some similarities and differences between Turkey and Egypt in their geographies. Both have the same time zone. In addition, these two countries are bordered by the Mediterranean sea. However, Turkey is Eurasian country which related two continent, while Egypt is situated in the North of Africa. In Egypt, there is Suez canal but turkey does not have any canal.

Secondly, both Turkey and Egypt are world famous tourist destinations. They share some similarities and they have some differences. Both have world class tourist places adored by visitors, for example: museums, beaches, night clubs. They are also dependent on tourism which plays a key role in their economy. In contrast, Turkey has more large number of tourists and tourism income than Egypt , for instance: in 2010, Turkey tourists was 30 millions with 26.3 billions USD while Egypt tourists was 14.7 millions with 13.6 billions USD.

Thirdly, there are also similarities and differences in their culture. Most of people in Turkey and Egypt are Muslim religion, such as: 99.8% of people in Turkey and 91% of people in Egypt are Muslims. Moreover, architectures of the big mosques and souqs in these two countries is similar. On the