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FCOM 111: Government, Law and Business

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Victoria Business School (2015) Writing Skills Workbook, Victoria University of
Wellington, New Zealand

Write a paragraph that describes one advantage and one disadvantage of
New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements

New Zealand's’ constitutional system has a number of perceived ‘advantages and ‘diss advantages’ of which seem to be forever arising. Former Prime minister Sir
Geoffrey Palmer - (1992) describes New Zealand’s current constitutional arrangements to be un-safe and threatening to New Zealand. There is too much capability to make drastic changes quickly with very
Note: Follow the little public consolation and in adequate notice of guidelines from the changes. ‘The whole system needs to slow down as it’s above workbook. There developing a serious case of the speed wobbles.’Sir should be a topic
Palmer(1992) Thus displaying a diss advantage in the sentence that clearly current arrangements where the touch-and-go habit is outlines the main idea making it hard to categorise the nature and quality of of your paragraph. This
New Zealand’s constitutional scheme, the reason being should be followed by at that it evolves relentlessly. Set out in our current least three supporting constitution act 1986, the three way set-up of our sentences that legislative parliament comes as a perfect example explain the main idea and displaying…