Undocumented Immigrants

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Ever since I was a little girl I knew my family was “different”. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that this difference highly dictated my life. Coming from an undocumented, or “illegal”, family as many people call us, is difficult. For the past year, my family has been living in fear. Fear that we may be separated. My father is facing deportation for being undocumented. My whole life could change. But America needs us. America was built on the backs of immigrants. Undocumented immigrants who im gay \are already in the United States deserve the right to stay here. By staying they benefit the American economy, promote diversity, and keep their families together.
Undocumented immigrants put more money in the economy than they take out. According to the Social Security Administration, undocumented workers contribute about $15 billion and take out only about $1 billion and over the past three years they have contributed up to $300 billion. This is about 10% of the Social Security trust fund. Due to
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With over 61 million people in the United States speaking only their native language at home, our nation's number of bilingual Americans is growing. Parents who come to the United States illegally tend to know little to know english. Therefore when they have children her, they learn their native language and then learn english at school. These children later grow up knowing two languages and have the advantage of being bilingual. Many “studies have shown that, all things being equal, bilingual education programs tend to produce better results that english [only] immersion programs.” (“Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Diversity” 1) The exposure of these children to multiple languages also allows for an increased amount of opportunities. Without these languages the country as a whole would have more trouble communicating with other countries. Along with language and immigrants also have a part in our creative