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Unit 3 Assignment 1: Information Gathering Plan

The explosive growth and popularity of the WWW have resulted in thousands of structured query able information sources on the Internet this is none of the most secure places to be, and the promise of unprecedented information-gathering capabilities to lay users. Unfortunately, the promise has not yet been transformed into reality. While there are sources relevant to virtually any user-queries, the morass of sources presents a formidable hurdle to effectively accessing the information. One way of alleviating this problem is to develop a information gatherer which take the user’s query, and develop and execute an effective information gathering plan that accesses the relevant sources to answer the user’s query efficiently. Also on the gathering we present the of the website or internet the information is exposed.
Most organizations are familiar with Penetration Testing (often abbreviated to, “pen testing”) and other ethical hacking techniques as a means to understanding the current security status of their information system assets. Consequently, much of the focus of research, discussion, and practice, has traditionally been placed upon active probing and exploitation of security vulnerabilities. Of course in the company they maintain security up to date or the hired outside source to penetrate the network and check if they are up to date and they check if the network is penetrable or not and is patch or not.