Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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Answer 6.
a) Wigle.net
Wigle is a global map, mapping all the wireless networks and hotspots around the world. WIGLE stands for Wireless Geographic Logging Engine. The service was started in 2001 claiming to have a centralized database for all the wireless networks with a user friendly interface.

After registering to the website we van search for the wireless networks and hotspots in around the world. We can add filters to sort our requirements. The auto filters include the distance range around our location, free /Commercial/Residential network etc. The signal strength and the location of the network can be found with few user details.The interface of the map is mainly like that of the maps we navigate (Google Maps, Bing Maps).

Fig.6.1 Image indicating the wireless maps depicting different type of networks.

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Aircrack-ng is a packet sniffing tool which can also detect the networks. The WEP and WPA/WPA2 networks can be cracked and analyzed .The aircrack-ng uses the dictionary attacks to crack the networks that are detected. Aircrack is not just a single tool and comes with a network software suit. The software is made available for Windows and Linux. In mobile devices it is available for iPhone.Aircrack project is the original whose fork is Aircrack-ng.
Aircrack-ng uses the statistical method to recover WEP keys after exploiting several security weakness of the protocol. The time to determine the actual WEP key is generally less than a minute depending on the length of encryption key provide you have collected sufficient number of Initialization vectors.

Fig.6.2 Aircrack –ng is a wireless network auditing tool and its