United States and American Dream Essay

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American Dream
According to James Truslow Adams, who created the phrase "American Dream" in his 1931 book "Epic of America”, “The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” The American dream is the prospect of people of United States that hard work can bring to a better life thanks also to the different carrier opportunities. Many people are coming to the United States because it gives them freedom and equality that they can’t receive in their countries. The American dream is a belief of people of the United States of America to get freedom, equality, and give their families the finer things through hard work.
The American dream is a land of opportunity where people’s goal is material success. American citizens work hard in their life to get high incomes, as well as homes and education for their children. People work more hours in a day because they want that their families have every benefit in the life. According to Casting Crowns, in their song “American Dream”, “Not this time son, I’ve no time to waste, maybe tomorrow we’ll have time to play, and then he slips into his new BMW and drives farther and farther away.” This man wants to get richer and make his family happy with money. His son wants to play with him, but he doesn’t have time. In a family, love is more important than material success. Everyone has the opportunity to achieve their American dream, but it depends on how much hard work are you going to do.
The American dream is the possibility to have freedom to live your own life and have different job opportunities, which is the dream that most people have. Many people are coming to America in search of freedom. For some of them it means personal liberty. Others are coming to work or to open their own businesses. Someone could start from nothing, because everybody has an equally good chance to succeed. According to Paul Cuadros, “Being an American is so much more than just having citizenship. It’s that beat in your heart to be free, to be your own man, to have control over your own destiny. America has always been an idea. It has nothing to do with papers, documents, or immigration laws. It has a lot to do with ideals and dreams.” In other words, he says that living in America means living in a “free” country, where people have the chance to choose their own future. The United States of America is a land where you can achieve success, thanks to the US economy and the liberty of people. My perspective on the American Dream is to live where everyone is equal and has the same opportunity of achieving success. The US is a land where all