Essay about United States and Dream

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People in many countries do what ever is necessary to come to a country where you can reach the American dream, although like any dream there is articles and paths that you have to go through. My dream started from the arrival to the big city, the expectations I had and the dream who was not as bright as it seem. I was twelve years old when my dad who I had just met, went to pick my brother, my four sisters and me from Guatemala to take us to the United States of America. At the beginning I was scared and did not want to go, but I did not have a choice because all of my sisters and my brother were living without any arguments and I . I was extremely scared to aboard the airplane, it was enormous and it made so much noise and the fact that I was going with my father did not help that much because I did not have that much confidence. In my dream I dreamed with big buildings full of brightness, for my surprise it was exactly how I dreamed it. I was stun, my eyes would not close even though I was very sleepy. I was not use to so much beauty before, because the city in my country the buildings looked scary and old and here everything was bright and clean with so much architecture. Even though I was scare, when I arrive to Los Angeles I though that all of my dreams will come through because I had actually imagine the city and it turn to be the same as my dream. Furthermore, when I arrived to my parents apartment where my mother was expecting us I though that it was going to be a big mansion. Since the city was so big and nice my expectations where for the house to be like the city, nice and bright. The apartment was nice but it only had two bedrooms when my brother and sisters where six, we also only had two beds. I did not mind living with so little room because in my country the houses were in worst