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Disparity means to have the lack of similarity or equality. Right now the United States of America is going through an income disparity in which every one is not being taxed equally. Now why this is a great issue, this is not a new issue. Harvard University is an Ivy League school that brings in so much income. In 2011 Harvard University had an endowment of $32 billion in 2011. $32 billion probably goes to making Harvard alumni bumper stickers and sweatshirts. I am not trying to deny that Harvard offers a great education but this money could be used for some many things. Such as setting up a government pool where each university/college in the United States of America has to give 30% of their endowment every year. Now 30% may be a lot for some schools and 30% may be chunk change to others. This 30% would go to the federal government where they would then have to take this money and set up jobs for the highest unemployment fields in the middle and low class. The problem that the U.S. is beginning to have is the high class is really taking and pushing the middle class to become the low class. It has gotten to the point where people who make a million dollars a year are being taxed lesser than someone who makes $55,000 a year. In this is where universities/colleges come into play. Many people of the high class not only have their teenagers in universities/colleges, they are donating to these universities/colleges. They are donating good amounts of money to these schools; they then go on to write this stuff off on their taxes. Through research I have found out that a lot of these schools have large endowments. In addition to the plan college donations would no longer be allowed as a tax write off. So 30% of this money could be used to help bring back a construction company or telemarketing company that had to go out of business. Also this 30% could be used to make jobs in the federal government to have representatives and people to help keep this program alive. This idea could be a law for most schools in the United States of America. There of course would have to be exceptions for some schools. See if a school did not have 30% to donate they would have to take and show all of there finical statements of that year and then a representative of the federal government would take and access these reports and go from there. This process would be the only way for a school to not give 30% if a school did not give 30% of their endowment and they had the money the would then have to give 45% to this pool. For the plan to start there would have to bill written and sent to Congress. Congress