Us Troops In Iraq

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I believe that the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq would be dangerous for its own citizens, the Middle East, and for the United States and its allies. There are several factors that I feel support my position. The Bush Administration should be made to finish the job of the training the Iraqi Army and its security forces. I feel that the current army should be strengthened so that it can support its own government, and fight against the insurgents. Our efforts should be to emphasize necessary training and support of the Iraq security forces. U.S. Military forces should only be playing a supporting role in this situation. I feel that Iraq’s army needs to be the force that defeats insurgents and restore security. Otherwise it will be difficult for them to gain respect from its citizens There really isn’t a practical U.S. Military solution to the instability in Iraq, and unless the Iraq government and its Army gain control, it will further their dependency on us. In addition, a U.S. withdrawal could result in the deflection of Iraqi soldiers into various militias; taking with them their U.S. led training and their equipment. This would strengthen the militia’s fire power and the ability to seize and hold areas of Iraq that are most vulnerable. Another important reason that a withdrawal of the U.S. troops would be disastrous is the oil supply within Iraq. Right now, Iraq’s oil supply is being kept safe by our military presence. Often I hear many people complain about the price of gasoline. Imagine what the price would be if we lost the two and half million barrels a day that Iraq exports. It would be extremely hard for them to continue exporting oil when the entire country is amid complete chaos and a possible civil war. The loss of this oil supply would trigger pressure on the world’s oil prices in an already strained oil market. In addition, pulling out would leave that supply up for grabs. Surely Iran would be quick to move in and take control over oil rich areas. There is already mounting tension with Iran, and I definitely think that fighting over oil supply with them would push that tension too far. The oil supply in Iraq has been the subject of debate and often used to criticize our reasons for invading this country in the first place. Whether the American public likes it or not, the United States has a huge dependency on foreign