US Vs China Essay

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Name: Yiru Lin (Catherine)
Professor: Sheri Van Court
ENGL­1301 & ESOL 0056
Date: 10/27/14
(1) Introduction: There is a great deal of differences between America and
(2) Custom.
A: Cause of history. B: The social system is different. C: The daily life is different. (3) Culture.
A: The education. B: The personality. C: The relationship.
(4) The social system
A: Politics and Economy. B: Military. C: Medical treatment.
(5) Conclusion: China and America is different. If people would like to have a better quality of life after migrating to another country, they should not only speak the local language very well but also handle the cultural differences and social relations well.


America vs China
There is a great deal of differences between western and eastern countries. In fact, the U.S and China are both signs of each country.
To begin with, China and America all are big country in the world, but cause of the geographic factor and the race, there are different between
China and America. China has about 6000 year’s history, but America only has about 500 years history. The Chinese nation is one of four oldest ancient civilizations, so from here, we can see China just like an old wise man, but the America just like a brave young man, the old wise country means mature and modest. However, the brave young country doesn’t mean ignore the suggestion of other country. The social system is different between China and America, China is socialist society. America is capitalist society. So, from here we can see the social system is a factor of the differences between China and America. The daily manner is different, for example , when two Chinese meet on the street, they always say that “
Have you eaten breakfast、lunch and dinner yet? ” Or “Where are you going?” In China, it is normal, but , in America, someone heard that they think you will treat them; or they will be angry and say that “ it’s none of your business.” In America, someone is called by using “Mr.” + “family name”. In China, we can call someone by using his or her profession after family name such as “Teacher Lin”, but in America, people do not use
“Teacher Lin”. When an American people congratulate to Chinese: “you are very beautiful”. Or “your English is quite fluent”. Or something like that,
Chinese people usually answered: “No, no”. Chinese people is modest!

But, the American people always say “thank you”! When two people meet
Americans always say “hello” and talk about the weather or about other things. Chinese always talk about the age, salary or marriage. If we ask
American for it, they would think you are impolite.

Secondly, Culture between America and China is different because the education is different between China and America. In primary school
Chinese always spends six years, three years in junior school, and three years in high school, four years in university or three years in college. The
American always is five years, three years, four years and four years!
Chinese students are famous as “exam”, they are called “examine machine”. Cause of the development is slow, the internet is late for China, so, Chinese people always don’t use the E­mail, but, the American people always send the E­mail to relate them. American people are very open, they can talk about “sex” anywhere, in addition to that, their mind also very free. But, Chinese people are very traditional, they always avoid talking that! In term of friendship, Chinese people have little intimates, they willing to offer the help in any situation, but, American people have lots of friends