Veterinarian Career Essay

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Veterinarian Career Do you have a passion for taking care of animals? Have you ever considered becoming a veterinarian? But what does a veterinarian really do? A student who researches the nature of a job, its working conditions, employment facts, the education and training requirements, along with the future job potential and earnings will be wiser and more knowledgeable when determining a career path to choose. Being a veterinarian is an interesting career path because they take care of animals, they get good pay, and its a rewarding job. What does a veterinarian really do at their job and where do they work? “Veterinarians usually treat pets in hospitals and clinics” (NetVet). The majority of a veterinarian’s time is spent in a clinic doing paper work or inspecting ill animals. Occasionally they will visit farms and ranches to treat animals that cannot be brought in or large numbers of animals. Veterinarians typically work 40-50 hours a week. “Veterinarians can be exposed to disease and infection and may be kicked, bitten, or scratched” (NetVet). Being a veterinarian isn't always the safest job and they take a risk being around irritated animals. …show more content…
Here are some characteristics that anyone considering becoming a veterinarian may want; able to deal with blood, able to work long hours, able to get a long with animals, able to get called into work for emergencies. Of course SAYING you want to be a Veterinarian is a lot easier than becoming an actual Veterinarian. A High school degree is required, classes one may want to take include biology, and animal science. Interested students want to attended a veterinarian school/college for a Bachelors degree. “To become a veterinarian one has to be affectionate with animals because this is the most important factor to succeed in a grueling academic environment that costs as much as medical or law school” (ProQuest). The average length of training can last to about 4 1/2