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Veterans helping Veterans
Huntsville, Alabama 7

Vets helping Vets
Huntsville, AL 7

Memorandum for: Request for Proposal

Greetings, My Company is a small Disabled Vet run Company in the heart of the Tennessee Valley located just West of Huntsville Alabama. Our goal here is to help insure Veterans are able to obtain and receive any and all information when dealing with the Veteran Administration at at / in a timely manner. We specialize in helping veterans obtain and properly fill out there VA compensation forms for disability, Scheduling and appointments. We also are the voices for the veterans in any actions where they need us to represent them in complaints and matters of not receiving their compensations with local government agencies and the local VA hospital located in Birmingham, Alabama.
At this time our company is growing and we are in the market to update our IT systems to better handle this need and that of our customers. We are currently upgrading all of our systems and installing the new Microsoft Office package to allow us to better serve our local veterans.
Below is our needs and would appreciate a system proposal for the following:
1. Project goals / Budget /and time line.
a. We are currently slotted to move into our new offices around the middle of July 1014. With this deadline it gives us roughly 10 weeks to meet our intended goals. We do have a budget for this acquisition but are placing the proposal and cost up for bidding. The bidding will taking into account the amount of cost, time line, employee training and services after the sales.
b. Time allocation: The time line for the said above proposal should be submitted within the next (2) weeks in writing to above list individual for complete review. Once the winning bid…