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Video games and Children

Recent years video game's popularity has risen to where everyone in the world is playing. It

does many other things to human beside the fact playing video games gives you enjoy. Children should

be allow to play video games more often. I understand that there are some cons with playing video

games but also there are good sides. Generation has changed over years, many from kids, adults,

parents, everyone is playing video games in the world now days.

One of the main reason I see that parents doesn't not allow their kids play video games is that

some video games have too much violence. All of the video games have warning saying what age of

kids are allow to play their video games. Which makes parents of kids responsible for what type of

video games their kids are playing. Not all the video games are violent, there are many different types

of video games. Sports, puzzles, musics, there are many more games that doesn't involve much of

violence that kids can enjoy playing video games.

Not only that video games gives you enjoy it also help you become social. For instance if you

play online video games you have chance to meet different people who shares similar interests. By

interacting with different types of people you can make new friends. Which could help you become

more social in life.

Many researches shown that by playing video games children learn to develop different parts of

brain and use better than children who doesn't play