Vienna: Germany and Vienna Essay

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The Congress of Vienna was a meeting of ambassadors from different parts of Europe starting in September of 1814 and ending in June of 1815. It was held in Vienna and had representatives from Russia, the United Kingdom, Prussia, France and Austria. The Congress of Vienna was important to the time because it determined borders of Europe and helped solve and control problems. To start, The Congress of Vienna determined the boundaries and borders of Europe. The borders were made so France would not be extremely strong because of the fears of other European countries. Because of this, the territory conquered by Napoleon was taken from France. Austria was give back all of the land they lost from France and also extra land from Italy and Germany. Also from the deals made in the Congress of Vienna Britain was given control over the seas and several colonies. In the deal there was no unified Germany; however, there were small states that remained. Russia and Prussia came to an agreement where Russia received Poland in the deal and Prussia would receive Saxony. This also was due to the Russian-Prussian alliance. Russia also was able to keep Finland. Therefore, the Congress of Vienna was important in which is redistributed land and settled borders in Europe. In addition, the Congress of Vienna also solved problems and control issues. All of the major world powers decided to outlaw Atlantic Slave trade. Britain set up a naval squadron against slave trade. Also the same leader ruled over Norway and Sweden. Also at this time Switzerland was known as neutral. The boundaries at this…