Essay about Violence and Children

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Kierra Breland
CWP 102
February 7, 2015

Discussion of “Violent Media is good for Kids”

Title: “Violent media is good for kids “This article implies that not all violence is bad. Violence can bring out positivity in children, which leads to expressing themselves. Children need to experience all types of media in order understand what is good and bad.

Author: Gerard Jones a well-established writer gives great insight to his views as to why violence can be good. Jones is been primarily a writer of non-fiction books, mainly concerning American culture, comics, and media. Jones puts forth his thoughts on how exposing your kids can be developmentally healthy for children.

Audience: The targeted audience for this article can be both parents and adults that work with children. Gerard gives insight to parents who have trouble allowing their children opportunities to explore and develop their own sense of Creativity. Gerard intentions were to help aid parents to better understand their children’s needs and help these kids become productive members of society. By publishing this articles at, which is an independent nonprofit website. He extended the viewership so that it would become conversation between parents, children, and free thinkers.

Main Idea and Purpose: Gerard starts out by simply stating his own ideas and principals from experiences from his adolescence years. Later in his article jones explains that children can relate to comics as an outlet to