Violence In Children Essay

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Violence In Children In Relation to Corporal Punishment It is common knowledge that children are easily influenced, especially during their early years from 1-2 years old. During this time, it is important to nourish them with proper love and care, otherwise they run the risk of a life of delinquency or violence. However, while most children are given the love and care they need, some parents find it necessary to use corporal punishment as a part of their upbringing. This act, while intended to mold the child into an upstanding citizen, is also a part of their upbringing, and it raises the question of whether or not corporal punishment could ultimately lead to a violent nature later in life. One article, found in the Journal of Family Violence tackles this topic thoroughly. The article, “Experiences of Parental Corporal Punishment in Childhood and Adolescence and its Effectiveness on Punitiveness”, goes into in-depth detail about the effects of corporal punishment on children, and whether or not it can be blamed for violent attitudes later in life. The article starts out by explaining how a child’s upbringing can influence their attitudes. In one part in particular it is stated that “By exercising violence, parents express that they themselves tolerate the use of violence” (Kemme, 2). Logically this implies that a child who is the subject of corporal punishment is likely to approve of the act because their parents have used it on them. The article goes on to explain that this is not the single factor that causes violence in children. It is stated that “There is not one single factor that drives punitiveness.” (Kemme, 3). While corporal punishment can be considered a factor that can lead to violence later in life, it would not be the only cause. The child’s environment and