Violence In Media Essay

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Violence in Media

I agree with Stephen Hawkins view that violence in the media is for good for kids, however I would like to take it further. It’s good for society in general for violent media to exist. Especially in todays day in age where violence is everywhere, it would be irresponsible for society to turn its back to such a topic simply because it is a difficult one to approach. Violence is everywhere and every single person has the capacity to be violent; not all violence is bad. It’s the responsibility of the society to establish a culture where it teaches right from wrong and encourages difficult discussions to be had. In todays society we have violence in many different forms some as familiar as the news and wars, others in disguise like traffic, music, movies, sports and even social media. Violence is so infused with our day-to-day lives we often overlook it; but just because someone is dying or getting hurt doesn’t mean its not violence. Donald Trump may be one of the most violent people alive, yet he used violence to build an empire through his hard work. He never was involved in any physical altercation or was responsible for anyone’s murder; rather by being a force to reckon with. He never let anyone push him around, or beat him to the best investment. If he saw an opportunity he made sure he got it. One of my peers said of Ray Rice, and I quote “football desensitized him to violence therefore he believed it was ok to punch his girlfriend in the elevator.” completely false. It angers me actually. I played football and I love football, firstly that is a huge insult to the sport. It is the existence of ignorance and an unwillingness to accept that the world we live in isn’t butterflies and dandelions. He is not, nor are any of us, knowledgeful enough about Ray Rice, the incident or the effects of Football on healthy athletes/former athletes to be able to make such claims. Football promotes a culture of hard work, good work ethic, diligence, love, order, purpose